Cheater Private Investigator PI in Naples, FL

  •  Do They head for work earlier than they used to or at unusual times?
  • Have they started working excessive overtime and weekends unplanned?
  • Has your spouse started all of sudden traveling out town or desire to go on separate vacations?
  • Have you tried calling their hotel when traveling and unable to get an answer? This is a major red flag when traveling for “work.”
  • Is the same coworker traveling with your spouse on every work trip? Often, this is also a red flag if your spouse desires to travel with the same coworker time after time.
  • Has your spouse been talking about the same person over and over?
  • Does your spouse or significant other take forever to return your calls when in the past that wasn’t the case?
  • Do they receive calls from numbers that aren’t recognizable and do they like to keep their phone face down or attached to their hip?
  • When looking at your cell phone bills are their calls with long durations to and from numbers you don’t recognize?
  • Do they head to another rm when on the phone or when texting.
  • Does the passcode on their phone constantly change?
  • Have they changed the billing address to their phone and paid for a PO box?
  • Have suddenly decided to buy a new wardrobe and changed their overall appearance?
  • Is it obvious they show a decreased desire for you?
  • Have they used the “friends” house excuse when saying they are too drunk to drive home?
  • Are they spending more time with their friends and not including you in the plans?
  • Are they heading out on last night out with the boys or girls?
  • Does it seems like they are spending way more time online and on social media?
  • Are they creating new emails with no reason?
  • Do they seem more interested in your schedule and where you’re going to be?
  • Does their car have higher than usual mileage for no reason?
  • How does their clothing smell, unusual perfume or cologne?
  • Have you found unexplained payments and deductions from your bank accts?

Justified Investigative Services (JIS)
Fully Licensed & Insured
Retired Federal Agents

Call or Text 239-290-6875

Lic A1900251 & C1900526

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