Corporate & Private Investigations Naples Ft Myers

We offer world-class corporate and private investigative services throughout FL.  We are headquartered in Naples, FL, while serving numerous clients both private and commercial investigations. If you are a business looking for investigative services we can help, from background investigative services to investigating potential fraud.  We are retired Federal Agents and graduates of the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) with years of investigative experience leading and conducting high profile investigations. 

Do you have the one employee or maybe a couple employees that you just don’t trust?  Do you have suspicions your employees are stealing from you.  We are experts at uncovering dishonest employees through various methods, including surveillance methods, interviewing/interrogation and other discrete investigative tactics.  In some cases, we may even work undercover in your business posing as a new employee or contractor to uncover the truth. 

Are you unsure about a person’s resume and whether its accurate?  We often investigate potential employees for companies to determine the validity of an applicants stated experience and education.  It’s more common than not that someone seeking a position will inflate their credentials on their resume to land a high paying job.  We have very discrete methods to determine the accuracy of the information applicants are providing to you. 

How about cheating and infidelity in Florida?  We offer unmatched surveillance services as a professional FL investigative agency.  Unsure what your significant other is up to?  We offer various surveillance operation services from daytime to nighttime surveillance both on foot and from a vehicle, while capturing video and photo evidence.  Our surveillance operations often include following a subject to various entertainment events, restaurants and hotels.  We can provide you with half day, full day or multi day surveillance operations with 1 private investigator or a team of investigators. 

We are here to help and with our years of experience we deliver world-class results to our clients.  We can meet you for a fully confidential initial meeting at a place of your choosing.  Our initial consultations are completely free of charge and we can put together a plan that fits best for your situation.  Also, you can be assured that the evidence we gather will also hold up in a court of law if needed.   

Justified Investigative Services (JIS)
Fully Licensed & Insured
Retired Federal Agents

Call or Text 239-290-6875

Lic A1900251 & C1900526

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