Florida Private Investigator – Suspected Infidelity – Retired Federal Agent

Find an Infidelity Investigator in Naples, FL

When a spouse is suspected of cheating, Justified Investigative Services (JIS) helps clients get answers and regain peace of mind. A highly trained infidelity investigator will manage each client’s case to ensure they receive definitive evidence. Excellence, honesty, and discretion are part of every investigation at JIS.

What Do Infidelity Investigators Do?

A Naples, FL infidelity investigator will take photographs and collect video footage to offer as verification of a cheating spouse’s unfaithfulness. Subjects of the investigation will not be aware that they are being followed or observed, as this could cause a change in the suspected spouse’s behaviors.

Surveillance will be carried out via the use of a GPS (global positioning system) device attached to the suspected cheater’s vehicle. The GPS device allows the investigator to track vehicle movement and observe how long the vehicle has been parked in specific locations. It also helps the investigator to determine where it would be most productive to spend time collecting evidence and photos of the suspected spouse.

The Naples, FL private investigator (PI) will gather personal data on the spouse being monitored, including the suspect’s financial records (within what is permitted by law). Once a satisfactory collection of evidence has been amassed, the PI will contact their client to go through the information with them.

Experienced Investigators & Retired Federal Agents

The infidelity investigators at JIS bring years of experience as federal agents and world-class criminal and civil investigators to each case they accept. Their firsthand knowledge of the legal system means that the client’s case will be conducted with the need for court-admissible evidence in mind.

As graduates of the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, each Naples, FL private investigator at JIS understands the diligence needed to carry out a thorough investigation. They seek to provide both answers and the proof that clients are seeking.

Red Flags for a Cheater

There can be many telltale signs that a partner is cheating. If the following incidents are regularly occurring, it may be cause for concern. A cheating spouse may be:

  1. Guarding their cell phone
  2. Missing family events or holidays
  3. The cause of unexplained   credit card bills
  4. Purchasing gifts that are never presented to the other spouse
  5. Unreliable and always canceling
  6. Less interested in physical intimacy
  7. Taking business trips more frequently
  8. Leaving home early; returning later than usual
  9. Rarely going to bed at the same time as their spouse
  10.  Keeping condoms in their car or wallet
  11. Maintaining secret social media accounts
  12.  Avoiding interaction with their spouse on social media
  13.  Asking for “space” out of the blue
  14.  Upset by surprise visits from their spouse
  15.  Showing extra concern about their appearance, seemingly out of nowhere

If you suspect your spouse is cheating, contact a Naples, FL infidelity investigator at JIS today. They will carry the burden of investigating your partner’s behavior so that you can get back to life, knowing that an infidelity investigator is carrying out due process. Get in touch with us and set up your free consultation.

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