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Choosing the right private investigation firm is a challenge, particularly if you need to conduct an investigation over a wide area. Justified Investigative Services has begun operating throughout Florida as a fully licensed FL Private Investigator. This new firm allows anyone to hire a Florida private investigator to unveil crucial information to protect themselves, their families, and their businesses.

Experience Not Found Anywhere Else

We take pride in being able to offer a fully licensed and insured FL private investigator to anyone who needs one at an affordable price. Clients who work with Justified Investigative Services will receive the services of professionals who have spent their entire careers carrying out work just like this.

Clients who are in need of help will have the opportunity to hire an experienced Florida private investigator. Justified Investigative Services takes pride in drafting its investigators from the ranks of the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center.

This goes far beyond what the majority of firms offer. Many registered private investigators don’t possess experience taken from previous law enforcement careers.

Services The Entire State of Florida

Justified Investigative Services offers its services across the state of Florida.

Clients who need a Miami FL private investigator, an Orlando private investigator, a Pensacola private investigator, Naples private investigator, Fort Myers, FL private investigator, Tampa private investigator, Cape Coral, FL Investigator, you can get what they need with Justified Investigative Services.

This company specializes in both private and corporate investigations. Anything can be investigated, from suspected infidelity to corporate fraud and criminal background checks. Any investigator working on behalf of Justified Investigative Services will act with honesty and will achieve excellence in their work.

Obtaining the Truth with Justified Investigative Services

The ultimate goal is always to find out the truth for both private individuals and businesses. It’s impossible to guarantee a specific outcome in private investigation, but what can be guaranteed is that the matter will be concluded.

The driving force behind Justified Investigative Services is to uncover the situation and to offer the client the peace of mind they deserve.

Customized Packages to Suit Your Needs

Clients who work with Justified Investigative Services are able to work out a customized package that suits them. The nature of private investigation means standardized packages are not and should never be the norm.

Prices are always reasonable and Justified Investigative Services is more than willing to scale investigations and be flexible during the course of the working relationship.

Justified Investigative Services aims to bring a new approach to the booming private investigative industry across the state. The company’s goal is not only to satisfy their clients but to change the face of the industry by offering a level of professionalism and ethical investigation previously unseen in Florida.

A Client-Focused Approach

Some private investigative organizations tout the technology at their disposal and their advanced techniques. Justified Investigative Services JIS is proud to say its business is built upon its clients.

Every client can expect that their private investigator in Florida will always do everything in their power to ensure they get the results they expect in a professional manner.

Justified Investigative Services is a respected member of the Florida Association of Private Investigators (FAP).

We offer free private initial consultations via phone, text or in person. We are fully licensed private investigators covering all of Florida, including all major areas, Naples, Ft. Myers, Miami, Tampa, Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando, Jacksonville, Clearwater and more!

We can be reached Mon-Fri from 9 AM – 5 PM for your free confidential consultation.

Justified Investigative Services (JIS)
Fully Licensed & Insured
Retired Federal Agents

Call or Text 239-290-6875

Member of Florida Association of Private Investigators (FAP)
Lic A1900251 & C1900526

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