Hire a FL Private Investigator Detective

When you need to know the truth that may be the time to hire a private investigator.  JIS can conduct various levels of investigations based on your needs. JIS can ensure that you are comfortable with employees you are hiring. Our background searches utilize only the best database systems combined with world-class investigative techniques and efforts. Some of the background searches we can complete include the following:

  • Conduct a full search for a complete residence history in the state of Florida and anywhere else.
  • Do you need to determine an accurate date of birth or location of data birth we can help.
  • If you need to locate others living at a certain address or any and all individual individuals associated with that address we can identify that.
  • Our systems conduct an extensive Florida criminal history search which will dig into the courts local databases and pull out any and all relevant information needed.
  • Are you unsure if a potential new employee has a prison or jail record? Our systems allow us to go way back in time to determine if a particular individual has a record of jail or prison time and those offenses charged.
  • We also have the ability to do a sex offender search and any location state city municipality. Often these individuals will use different aliases to try to conceal their identity which we have the ability to unravel those different aliases.
  • Are you looking to locate someone? We have the ability to track license plates throughout the state and country to determine pinpoint locations at different times and days.
  • We are fully licensed and insured and are retired federal agents with years of experience and world-class training.
  • We are based out of Naples Florida by contact investigations throughout the entire state of Florida.
  • We got offer different price points for various types of background investigations and would be glad to customize a plan for you if you are looking to hire a Florida private investigator.
  • We can be reached via phone call or text at 239-290-6875 justified investigative services – JIS.
  • We are the leaders in FL background investigations and would be glad to serve you.

Justified Investigative Services (JIS)
Fully Licensed & Insured
Retired Federal Agents

Call or Text 239-290-6875

Member of Florida Association of Private Investigators (FAP)

Lic A1900251 & C1900526

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