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In the modern world, private investigators are getting more jobs for people’s lack of faith in government and security forces. Also sometimes, where government forces such as police stop, private investigators start their works. A huge number of people are getting interested to take this job for adventure and a fair amount of income. A private investigator can do various works such as finding lost persons or pets, investigate stolen items, verify a specific person’s background, etc. Also, their works are similar to private detectives, who is a police officer, a FL private investigator have some limitations like they can’t tap someone’s phone, without a court order. Also, they can’t investigate the murder scenes without direct permission from police forces. That means a private investigator is perfect to hire for small, private jobs. They can attend jobs specifically for forces like police, but for the amount of risk, most of the time private investigator refuses to take such jobs.

Although its adventurous, private investigator shares the same number of risks, sometimes more risks then police because of their sole works and less backup. It’s a bad idea to send a private investigator to investigate a cartel or things like that, no matter how capable and experienced the investigator is. And because of their risks, their time behind these works is costly. A private investigator charges hourly, most of the time. And the rate goes from $40 per hour to $100 per hour, based on the individual’s experience, success rate and the type of license they’re holding. In Florida, the United States, over 7,800 private investigators hold class C license, along with over 1,700 of CC private investigators of interns.

To become a private investigator in Naples FL, a person has to be over 18 years old; he/she has to be mentally and physically healthy with no drugs and alcohol abuse records, and no criminal record. If these terms meet, only then a person can apply for a CC private investigator intern program. Then he/she has to undergo a series of training contains firearms training, and 40 hours of professional private investigator training and Chapter 493 of the Florida Statutes, offered by an accredited school.

After the training, he/she has to serve in the CC private investigator intern program for 2 years to be eligible to have a class C license. After the person serves his/her time as an intern for 2 years, the person has to fill the application for a class C private investigator license with a recent color passport-sized photo.

The person also has to include a completed, signed and notarized Affidavit of Experience (Form FDACS-16023), the certificate of completion confirming your passing score on the exam, proof of completion of the training and/or educational requirements, such as a diploma, degree and/or transcript, a set of fingerprints on the fingerprint card included with the application package or by electronic fingerprint scan, Instructions for this process are provided within the application package, and a check or money order payable to the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services for $167 (includes $50 application fee, $75 license fee, and $42 fingerprint processing fee). After fulfilling those steps, he/she can obtain a class C license to
work as a private investigator.

To carry a firearm, a person has to have an additional class G license. A private investigator in Florida can earn a minimum of 42,000 US Dollars in a year. Miami is the most profitable place for a private investigator, following Orlando, Jacksonville, and Tampa

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